How to use public transport in Rome

How to use public transport in Rome. Learn how to get around in Rome by bus and metro.

The city of Rome has so many places to see and so many activities to do that sometimes using public transport is key to saving time. Perhaps most of the tourist attractions of the Italian capital can be reached on foot. However, there are many others that may be necessary to use the metro or the bus network in Rome. For this reason, in this post I detail all the necessary information on How to get around Rome by public transport, from how to use the metro, bus or tram, to renting a typical Italian motorcycle.

How to use public transport in Rome: Metro of Rome.

How to use public transport in Rome

The city of Rome in Italy has a relatively small metro network (ATAC). Only three metro lines A, B and C run through the city, although they allow you to reach most of the most important tourist spots in Rome and the Vatican.

In addition, it can be said that the three lines connect perfectly with the important railway stations of the city of Rome such as Termini, Tiburtina, Flaminio or Piramide. Therefore, getting to or from Rome is quite easy using the metro and train.

Metro line A runs through the city of Rome from Northwest to Southeast through 27 stations. The frequency between trains is 3 to 5 minutes. Among the most important stops are Ottaviano (to reach the Vatican), Spagna, Barberini, TERMINI and San Giovanni.

Metro line B runs through Rome from Northeast to Southwest with 25 stations and a frequency of 5 to 6 minutes. Among the most important stops are PIRAMIDE, Circo Massimo, Colosseo, Cavour, TERMINI and TIBURTINA.

Metro line C connects the San Giovanni station with the Monte Compatri station in the east of the city of Rome. This line is the least interesting for tourists since it does not have the major tourist attractions of Rome on its route.

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How to use public transport in Rome: Metro timetable.

The Rome metro schedule is from 5:30 to 23:30 from Sunday to Thursday. However, on weekends that schedule is extended, from 5:30 to 1:30 on Friday and Saturday.

Rome Metro ticket. How is it used? Where to buy?

How to use public transport in Rome

The single metro ticket is valid for both the metro network and the bus network in Rome. The same ticket can be used for 100 consecutive minutes from the moment it is validated for the first time. During that time you can use the metro, make combinations between the lines (without leaving the metro) and make combinations with both the Rome bus network and Tramways.

When combining the metro with the bus, or vice versa, you can only use the ticket once for the metro. However, it can be used unlimitedly on the bus (combine several times between buses), but always within 100 minutes after validating it for the first time. For example, metro + bus 1 + bus 2 or, bus 1 + bus 2 + metro.

It is very important to always validate the ticket when it is used for the first time when entering the metro or when boarding the bus. If the validation is not done then they can charge a fine of € 50.

Tickets can be purchased at ATAC machines at any station in the metro network or at businesses called Tabacchi, which are generally located very close to the bus stops (“Fermata”). They cannot be purchased on the same bus.

How much does the Rome Metro ticket cost?

There are several types of tickets that work for the metro as well as for the bus and tram. They can be purchased from single tickets to daily, weekly or monthly passes.

A single ticket valid for 100 minutes costs € 1.50.

10-trip ticket is worth € 15.00.

Unlimited travel voucher for 24 hours is worth € 7.00.

Unlimited travel voucher for 48 hours is worth € 12.50.

It is important that when entering the metro, the ticket is kept until the end of the route, since it is requested again to be able to leave the station.

There is also the possibility of buying the OMNIA or Roma Pass cards. Any of these cards allows discounted access to various tourist attractions in the city as well as being able to move around Rome unlimitedly by public transport for 48 or 72 hours.

How to use public transport in Rome: The Bus of Rome.

How to use public transport in Rome

It is true that even though the metro network is small, it is still a very good option for getting around Rome. However, there are some tourist attractions that are more accessible with the city’s bus network, for example, the Trastevere area.

It must also be said that the bus network is not the fastest means of transport, or the most punctual as in other European countries such as London or Copenhagen, but they still allow you to reach almost any point in Rome.

The different bus lines in Rome.

Among the more than 350 bus lines that circulate through the city of Rome, there are up to four different categories:

The most common is the Urban line (U) with a route entirely through the center of Rome. The circulation schedule begins between 5:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. depending on the line until midnight.

During the night there is the night bus network (N) that operates between midnight and 6:00 in the morning.

There are also the Express (X) bus lines that make long journeys but with few intermediate stops.

Finally, there are the Exactas (E) bus lines that connect the center of Rome with the most remote areas of the city. In particular, these lines have fixed departure times.

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Where to buy bus tickets for Rome and how much are they worth.

The bus tickets are the same as the Rome metro, therefore they are bought in the same places and have the same price.

Tickets can be purchased at ATAC machines at any station in the metro network or at businesses called Tabacchi, which are generally located very close to the bus stops (“Fermata”). They cannot be purchased on the same bus.

The bus ticket can be used for 100 consecutive minutes from the moment it is validated for the first time. Remember that just like entering the metro, when boarding the Rome bus you must also always validate your ticket for the first time.

Getting around Rome by motorcycle.


A very frequent activity in Rome is renting a traditional Italian motorcycle to move around the city. These unmistakable Vespa motorcycles so characteristic of the Italians are a very fun option.

It is possible to rent a motorcycle in Rome by the day. Also exist the option to rent a motorcycle by the minute with the Ecooltra company.

Some of the basic requirements to rent a motorcycle in Rome are: For motorcycles of less than 125cc it is necessary to have a driving license with at least category B (for Spaniards, the driving license enables them for the entire European Union). For motorcycles of 125cc or more you need a driver’s license with a category that is specific to a motorcycle.

In addition, like any car rental, you must leave a deposit that can be in cash or by credit card. However, when you return the motorcycle (in perfect condition), you get back your the deposit.

You must pay close attention to traffic regulations, such as exclusive lanes, always wear a safety helmet and respect the maximum speeds.

The rental price of a small motorcycle in Rome starts from € 40.00 per day that includes: basic insurance, a helmet (you have to pay for the extra helmets) and the full tank that when you deliver the motorcycle must be in the same level.

I hope this information on “How to use public transport in Rome” has been helpful to organize your trip. Any questions or queries you can leave it on the comments section below.

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