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The best 2022 travel apps. The applications for planning and organize your trips.

In this era we live, there is no doubt the cell phone became one of the indispensable tools for any trip, and therefore, the travel apps that we have in it. From the moment you start planning a trip, you begin searching on Instagram or Pinterest for places that inspire or motivate you. Once the destination is decided, the organization stage begins, and for that, the travel apps are essential. You search for cheap flights, well located hotels, transfers between cities, etc. But it does not end there, once at the destination other needs arise, how much is it worth in my currency, what does this word mean, how do I get to some place, or what should I do or see in this city.

So, in many times the apps for trips make our life much easier on our trips. That is why at following I detail for you the best travel apps of 2022 so you can focus only on enjoying your trips:

Travel apps for flight search and transports:

1. Skyscanner. The cheap flights search engine.

Travel apps

Skyscanner is a flight metasearch engine that compares between airlines and flight search engines in one go. In other words, this app compares both, large flight search engines along with private airlines. With Skyscanner, being a metasearch engine, you don’t have to look airline by airline or search engine by search engine to find cheap flights. You can compare all in one place and save time. Skyscanner compares more than 1000 places at one time.

This metasearch engine is not a travel agency, nor an airline, it simply offers the possibility of finding the best flight offers and heading to the site so that you can buy it. Therefore, flights are not contracted with Skyscanner but directly with the airline or agency.

In addition to the benefit of comparing everything in one place, it also offers at first glance the best travel option, the cheapest option, or the fastest option. And if you want, you can ask that skyscanner notify you when prices change or when there are better offers available.

If you feel adventurous, or do not know where to go, you can use the “anywhere” function and find the cheapest destinations on the dates you are looking for.

Also for intrepid or on a fixed budget, Skyscanner offers the “Map” tool with which you can find flights around the world according to your budget. You only need to enter the departure airport, budget, month of the trip and the app shows you all the destinations that match the specifications.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both IOS and Android. You can download them below:

2. hopper. Find the best time to fly.

Travel apps

Hopper is an app that helps us find and book flights and hotels at the best time to save money. It is only necessary to select the destination, the preferences and the estimated dates so that the hopper in a few seconds makes a prediction of which days it is better to buy a flight.

Through the image of the calendar painted in green, orange and red colors it indicates when it is more economical to book flight. You can even browse the months up to a year forward. Once you best dates have been resolved, you only have to select and buy.

And if you are not totally sure to buy in that moment, you can select the option to monitor changes in the prices of flights and hotels for the chosen dates.

The more flexible you are, the more money you can save with this application.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

3. Airhopping. Optimizing your Europe trip is easier.

Flights search europe

Airhopping is an app that allows you to search for flights between two destinations and up to a maximum of four, paying the lowest amount. The particularity of this application is that from the second destination it allows you to add more cities to your trip at no additional cost, paying only the amount of what a ticket would cost to a single destination, or failing that at much cheaper values. Through an intelligent search for direct flights, you can find the combinations with the best prices on the market on the chosen dates. You can even add that you find us accommodation for the selected dates and destinations.

In addition, airhopping offers travel insurance included in the price, attention to the traveler from the beginning and the responsibility of the company to offer a new ticket at zero cost in case of delays or cancellations by the airlines.

Of course, it is currently only available for the main cities in the USA, Mexico and Europe: Paris, Milan, Porto, Dublin, London, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Amsterdam, Krakow, Prague, Malta, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Alicante, Valencia, Ibiza, Mallorca, Edinburgh, Venice, Hamburg, Lisbon and Bucharest.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

4. Omio. Compare and buy travel tickets.

Travel apps

If you plan a trip through Europe, Omio is one of the applications that you cannot miss on you cell phone. This app allows you to search, compare and buy flight, train and bus tickets in a matter of seconds.

It is very useful to compare prices not only for one kind of transportations, but between different. Furthermore, this travel app is very valuable for when you need to connect between cities that are not so big, since it includes regional trains and buses in the search.

It is very easy to use, just enter the departure points, destination and dates of your trip. Then, with the results obtained, the app allows you to compare between the options available to travel by plane, train or bus for the chosen route. It is also possible to filter by price, duration, convenience, etc. Finally, the most convenient option is chosen and tickets are booked or purchased directly in the app.

Omio allows you to download the ticket directly to your phone and save the travel itineraries in the same application.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

5. Rome2rio. How to travel from A to B.

Rome2rio trip

Rome2rio is a travel app that allows you to search for different ways of traveling from almost any point to another. It is perfect for when you do not know what alternatives exist to move from one country, city or town to another.

It is extremely practical in the cases where you need to travel between two not so tourist points, or two places that are not frequently connected to each other, and there is not much information about it.

The app allows you to search how to travel between one city and another, returning as a result, all possible ways to connect those two points by plane, train, bus, ferry or car. In addition, it includes information of estimated time and price range of the trip (although sometimes the ranges are quite wide).

It even provides you with information on the companies that operate these routes and the departure time of the means of transport, giving the possibility of redirecting you to the pages where you can buy tickets. Even, sometimes Rome2rio allows you to buy tickets in the same app and save them in the app.

Travel apps to plan your accommodation on your trips:

6. The accommodation app.

Travel apps booking is one of the best known app worldwide for booking or renting accommodation. You can search for accommodations for all tastes and budgets. Both 1 to 5 star hotels as well as hostels, apartments, or rooms in private homes. All depending on the offer of the destination you are looking for.

From the application you can carry out all the necessary procedures. From reserving the room and paying the bill, to making inquiries and saving confirmations. After making the reservation, saves your itinerary allowing you to verify reservations offline.

Another point to highlight is its comments section. has a long list of comments and evaluations of all accommodations. A very useful tool when deciding where to stay.

In addition, by registering in the app you can create a wish list in each destination you are planning to travel, allowing you to save your favorite accommodations and decide later.

As you use, and staying through the application, you receive more discounts and better offers.

And to add more functions, also offers you rent cars at better prices if it is combined with an accommodation.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

7. Airbnb. Rent apartments when travelling is easier.

Airbnb accommodations

Airbnb is another app for booking and renting accommodation. The particularity of this app is the type of accommodation. Through Airbnb it will always be private houses or apartments, there are no hotel chains or inns.

You can search to rent both, whole houses and single or shared rooms. And as with booking, all management can be done through the app. Search, reservation, payment and management. It is to highlight that you can send messages and chat with the owner of the accommodation to be able to make all the arrangements you need.

Also on Airbnb you will be able to see the comments and ratings of other users who have been previously hosted. In the profile of each user, both locator and tenant, has a description of the person as well as feedback from others.

Another service that Airbnb offers and that is beginning to be widely used is the experiences section. The experiences are generally activities to do, offered by locals or people who are very knowledgeable about the place and the activity in question. Something very practical when you do not know what to do or you want to do something different.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

Travel Apps with Maps of your trips:

8. Google Maps. A classic app on maps.

Travel apps

Google Maps may be an application that you already know and that you have previously used, but not many know that it can also be used offline.

If you go to a place where the Internet connection is slow, mobile data is expensive or there is no connection at all, you can previously save a Google Maps area on the cell phone and use it when you needed. The only drawback with this modality is that when you are offline, you can get directions to get there by car, but not to go by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

In addition, a very practical functionality when you travel is to keep you places of interest and then remember everything you wanted to do and where it is located.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

 9. With this app you never get lost again. travel

The MAPS.ME app allows you to consult your maps, directions and even create routes when you do not have an Internet connection. You only have to be organized since first it is necessary to download the map on cell phones when you do have the internet. Once downloaded you can continue using it without data.

With MAPS.ME it is possible to carry out the same tasks as if you were connected to the Internet. It can be, search for a particular address, nearby places, be guided step by step to a destination, or even create new routes on the map. All this without additional costs and being able to download the maps by country.

The maps are updated in great detail such as places of interest, new roads or street names up to date. In addition, it has a large number of other options, such as being able to mark places of own interest. And not only that, it also offers the possibility to export and share these bookmarks with other users.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

10. Moovit. All public transport on your cell phone.

Travel apps

Moovit is an application that makes it easy for us to get around on public transport in most large cities. It currently covers 2900 cities in more than 91 countries and is used by more than 480 million users, being the N1 application in public transport in the world.

The app offers information on most types of transport including buses, subways, trains, trams and trolleybuses. Users can access a live map, and observe nearby stations and stops based on their current GPS location, as well as plan trips through different ways of transport based on real-time information. It also issues service alerts, and warnings that could affect a trip.

You can also save favorite destinations, lines and stops to save time when searching for a route. Another functionality is the alert that the cell phone emits when the bus approaches and when you must get off at your destination.

The app is free but you need data or wifi to use the search engine. It works for both android and IOS.

Travel apps to use during your trips:

11. Google Translate. Hello, hola, ciao …

Google translate app

How many times it has happened during a trip that we do not understand what they want to tell us, or we do not know where to go because the indications are in a foreign language. The Google app solves that problem, and best of all, it can be used offline. All you have to do is download the language that you are going to use beforehand.

Among the most practical features, in addition to including a text and translating it, you can also read the text of an image, or use the conversation mode that helps you translate into 37 languages ​​instantly using audio. It is a very practical app for all trips, now the language of the destination you choose is no longer a barrier.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

12. Currency Foreign Exchange rate.

Financial exchange rate app

This app is simply for currency exchange. You can select any currency and it makes the conversion instantly. Ideal to know how much you are paying anywhere. The interesting thing about the application is that it updates the currency exchange in real time and not monthly like many others.

The app is free and works offline. However, to update the changes you must connect to data or Wifi. It works for both android and IOS.

Some other practical travel apps for your trips.

13. Wave. Travel Apps so that nobody gets lost on your trips.

Travel apps

This app is very practical for when we take group trips, with friends or family. The application allows us to make a private group with the members of the group and, with the active location, each one can know where the others are. On a private map you will always know where each one is. No one will ever get lost again.

Also the application can be used in other ways. It can be used to travel on the road and let others know where we are at all times. Very useful for all parents concerned about their backpacker children.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

14. Journi Blog. Document everything!

For those organized people who like to keep a travel diary or a detailed travel planning, this app is ideal. Blog Journi allows us to take photos and write texts about the places we visit. We can create a timeline during our trip and we can share that timeline with other people. In addition, it works offline without using mobile data and is synchronized between devices to be able to edit between several people. With this travel app you will have everything well documented.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

15. Expensify, travel apps to control expenses of your trips.

Travel apps for planning trip

Expensify allows us to keep track of travel expenses. From transportation tickets, food, excursions to souvenir shopping. You can even take a photo of the receipt and save it in the app itself to later see what you spend specifically on our trips.

The app is free and works for both Android and IOS.

If you know any other travel apps that has been useful to you, you can leave it in the comments.

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